Dance Dimensions offers a fun and exciting preschool class for 3-year-olds ready to discover the joys of movement.

The enrollment is limited to twelve students and is taught by Char, the director, and Isabella Bruni, a student teacher.

The class consists of learning beginning ballet steps, discovering basic locomotor skills, counting to music, and putting movement to popular songs.

Classical Ballet

Students must be at least 8 years old to study ballet at Dance Dimensions. The director teaches all ballet terms in French. All students wear a black leotard, pink tights, ballet slippers, and the hair must be worn up off the neck.

The class is designed to foster an understanding of ballet movement, grace, discipline and aesthetics. This understanding is achieved through barre work, center floor adagio, across the floor allegro steps, stretches, and combinations.

Once the student achieves proper execution, she then learns how the steps are put together to create a dance.


Jazz classes are available for all age groups.

The focus is on developing a good understanding of movement and the use of the body as the instrument of dance.

The classes are relaxed and fun and encourage the development of students\' perceptions and imaginations as well as technique.

All music used in class is current and stimulating for learning dance steps. The goal of the jazz classes is to integrate dance as an art form into a classroom atmosphere.


Tap offers a wide array of steps and combinations in order to develop a student's technique. In the younger classes, traditional or "Broadway" tap is taught.

This type of tap focuses mostly on the performance aspect of dance, as you are used to seeing in musical theater. As the students progress, rhythm tap is introduced.

Exactly as it sounds, rhythm tap concentrates more on the musicality and has a 'jazzy' feel to it.

Hip Hop

All hip hop classes are taught by Corey Mola and are available to middle school and high school dancers. Hip hop dance refers to a dance style primarily danced to hip hop music. It sometimes uses free style improvisation and steps such as popping, breaking and locking.


Lyrical classes are offered to high school students and are taught by Corey Mola.

Lyrical is a fusion of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance styles.

Lyrical uses the technical elements of ballet and combines them with the freedom and invention of jazz and contemporary dance steps.